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Find out if Obstructive Sleep Apnea is preventing you from getting a good nights’ sleep!

The test is free and performed in the comfort of your own bed. A referral from a Physician is required.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the result of a collapse of the upper airway during sleep, interrupting airflow and reducing oxygen levels.

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Risks and Symptoms of OSA

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What is your risk for sleep apnea?

Pre-screening questionnaire – not a diagnosis.

*Take referral to your Physician to fill out.

Questions? Get in touch.

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How the test works

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists and Certified Sleep Technologists will provide you with instructions on how to use our sleep recorder, either by an in-person visit, or through a virtual appointment. We make it our priority to ensure you feel comfortable and confident by answering any questions you may have.

You can go to bed in your own house at your regular bedtime. When you are ready to sleep, you will attach the sensors to your body as instructed. In the morning, you will remove the sensors and you’re done!

Once you return the sleep recorder, we will send the data for review by a board-certified Independent Interpreting Sleep Physician who will then determine if you have sleep apnea, how severe it may be, and how low your oxygen levels fall during sleep. The results are provided to you by your Aveiro Sleep clinician and communicated to your family Physician.

If your test results are positive, we will discuss therapy options for you and help you on your path to a healthier sleep!

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