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Discover the freedom to sleep comfortably while travelling with the ResMed Air Mini CPAP machine – just fill out the form to get started!

ResMed Air Mini portable CPAP machine with phone application

ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP

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AirMini is the world’s smallest CPAP – weighing less than a pound and fitting in the palm of your hand.

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HumidXTM waterless humidification and the AirMini app make AirMini the ultimate in portable comfort and convenience.

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AirMini delivers the quality of therapy CPAP users have grown to trust from ResMed over the last 25 years, featuring the same proven therapy modes used in the AirSenseTM 10.

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Experience freedom and independence with the ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP machine, designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Feel confident and at ease maintaining your CPAP therapy even when you’re far from the comforts of home.

Whether you’re travelling for business or embarking on a camping adventure, the ResMed AirMini ensures uninterrupted sleep apnea treatment wherever you go. With its compact size and user-friendly features, you can rest assured that your sleep health remains a top priority, enabling you to embrace every journey with peace of mind.

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