The health and well-being of our patients and employees is our top priority. Our hope is that we can continue to provide essential CPAP therapy, resupply needs, and home sleep apnea testing throughout this pandemic. Our Registered Respiratory Therapists are specialized in the area of pulmonary care and are experienced healthcare professionals equipped to support your needs.

We are closely monitoring the developments of the novel COVID-19 situation; At Aveiro, we are taking the following steps  to ensure the safety of all entering our clinics:

  • Aveiro Sleep clinics will not be booking patients back-to-back to ensure minimal contact.
  • We have always been diligent about adhering to safety protocol in our clinics, including hand washing, sanitizing equipment, wiping down all surfaces and door handles.

In addition to our already stringent sanitization procedures, we have implemented several enhanced  measures to help limit the spread of coronavirus:

  • At time of booking an appointment and when you arrive at the clinic, you will be asked or see a sign on the door asking if you have recently travelled internationally , been in contact with someone who has travelled recently, or are exhibiting symptoms such as a fever or cough.
    •  If you answer yes to any of these questions, please do not enter the clinic. Rather phone us to rebook for a date after you have completed the Alberta Health requirement of self-isolating for 14 days.
    • If you answer no, please come in. Please use hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands.

A committee comprised of clinical and operational representatives meets regularly and is performing the following:

  • Actively monitoring the progression of the virus at all levels; internationally, nationally and locally through information provided by the World Health Organization, Government of Canada, and Alberta Health Services (“AHS”).
  • Monitoring and implementing procedures recommended by organizations such AHS.
  • Implementing changes to internal procedures surrounding patient screening.
  • Precautionary enhancement of Infection control processes, inventory requirements, internal communication and messaging to patients.
  • Training, guidance and support of team member awareness of new policies and procedures where required.
  • Essential travel is being monitored and revised as circumstances change on a community by community basis.

If you have a need for accessory products  for your CPAP therapy such as masks, filters, cleaning supplies, or other equipment, please call your local clinic  to arrange for it to be delivered FREE to your home if you are self-isolating.

Remember, Aveiro Sleep remotely monitors the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy anywhere within cellular range. We encourage you to call your clinician if you would like to discuss any concerns.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.




Harvey Schott

CEO, Aveiro Sleep

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